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Solar Energy Financy

Why Go Solar?

Flexible solution

We provide flexible and transparent solutions for residential or commercial solar & energy installations right , including PV solar, batteries, storage, LED lighting, power factor correction, air conditioning, electrical, refrigeration, pumps, irrigation, fire systems and much more!

sunsynergy is a highly specialised, experienced finance service dedicated solely to providing finance solutions to residential and commercial customers, solar installers and the energy sector.

No ownership links to any bank

We offer our business partners and their customers prompt, efficient and professional advice backed up by genuine old fashioned personal service.Solarsynergy is a proudly 100% business with no affiliations or ownership links to any bank, lender, or solar company or installer.Also we offer :

  • Residential Solar Finance.
  • Commercial Finance.
  • Solar Partners & Installers.

Solar Energy Financy

  • Residential Solar Finance
  • Commercial Finance
  • Solar Partners & Installers

Now with new battery storage technology in the marketplace, homeowners can even go completely “off the grid” and have total control over their energy consumption and costs. Just as Solar installations are a very technical and skilled area of expertise, so is Solar Finance. Here at Sunsynergy we specialise in finance options for PV Solar and energy related products. We hold accreditations with funders that are specialists in solar energy loans,

whereas most major banks and lenders are not comfortable with solar financing and they prefer taking a mortgage over your house. At Sun Synergy we offer unsecured solar loan options.

Solar power, battery storage and other energy efficient innovations now give the business owner the unique opportunity, and ability, to take back control of their energy costs and budget more effectively. As well as reducing or eliminating the electricity cost, a solar lease provides other benefits such as GST refund, interest deductions, depreciation etc.

The mainstream banks are not generally interested in providing solar finance to business owners and

if they do then the bank requires property as security, registered mortgages and debentures, accountant prepared cash flow forecasts, annual reviews etc., all of which are time consuming and expensive to your business. Here at Sun Synergy we have commercial funders that are specialists in the field of solar and energy funding and we just get on with the job of providing business owners with fast and simple commercial solar finance.

Sun Synergy exists to support our solar business partners and their customers, that is our primary function and mission statement. We combine our extensive finance knowledge and experience, with our access to specialised solar funders, to provide your team with the tools and knowledge you need to confidently offer finance to your customers.

More than 40 years of total accumulated experience in solar energy.