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Our Solutions

The Most Powerful Solutions

SunSynergy helps developers set up Virtual Net Metering agreements to distribute benefits easily and efficiently. We help you secure low, unsurprising energy rates for up to 20 years. SunSynergy capable to make solar power less expensive than electricity from the local power company. Our solar solution for Residential Communities makes it very appealing and reduces energy cost dramatically.

  • On Grid.
  • Off Grid.
  • Utilities.
  • EPC.
  • PPA Project Development.
  • Smart Turnkey Solution.

Solar cooling systems

One of the most important and powerful solutions that SunSynergy offered is Solar cooling systems.We are developing new technologies and systems which use solar thermal energy to provide low emission cooling - or heating - for buildings and refrigeration for food storage.

We have developed a cutting-edge solar-powered system using concentrating solar thermal technology that can cool buildings, achieving greater energy efficiency.

The operational system is expected to reduce HVAC electricity usage for commercial buildings and can provide humidity controlled fresh air into the buildings. The roof space required for this pioneering technology can be 40% less than a traditional single stage desiccant system.

More than 40 years of total accumulated experience in solar energy.